A Cosmos United

Meeting everyone

Got to know who we're playing with!

Time to draw up characters!

It was very chaotic, because we were sharing one computer with digital copies of books and three physical 3.5 PHBs and only one 4th ed PHB. Lots of questions to be answered in the form of “what does my racial bonus give me since we’re not using the regulat skills?” Most of the other questions where how do skill requirements for prestige classes work? The answer for ALL of these questions were “See me!”. Most of the base classes and races, and even some of the special ones, have been covered by now in 4th ed, so I either made up or found an answer. Everything looks good so far! This should be an interesting group. Names and details to be filled out and updated later.

Updated 2013-09-13 for toon changes
A) we are going straight 3.5 now
b) people wanted different roles or classes once we got down to skills and points

Name – Halfling Ninja
Name – Squirling Rogue (Shadowdancer)
Name – Half-Orc Barbarian
Name – Elven Fighter (Arcane Archer)
Name – Gnome Sorcerer
Name – Human Fighter (Reaping Mauler)

possible guest stars:



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