Rule Set and Modifications

This campaign will be using the DnD 3.5 rules with a few modifications. The biggest of which will be the replacement of skills with the 4th ed rules and a modified dice roll. This simplifies 3rd ed skills (which I always felt were too much paperwork) and allows what I feel will be a better representation of natural skill, training, circumstances, and luck.

As per 4th ed, you will be either trained or not in a skill, and this gives a +5. You did after all take the time and effort to train how to do that. The ability modifier as normal represents your natural talent. I like the way 4th ed used 1/2 level rounded up as a representation of your characters bonus from time and experience. I’m modifying the dice roll so that luck doesn’t lay nearly as large of a role in determining success. I’m removing the d20 roll and replacing with a d10. If you roll a 1, you’re still boned, but taking a min/maxed character at level 1 on a skill they are trained in gives you the following numbers:

ability +4
level +1
trained +5
and the d10 roll.

min (non 1) = 12 and max = 20
d20 equivalent: min=12 max=30

My biggest quarrel with the 4th ed number system is that your time and effort for training only contributes 20% of a lucky roll check. (+5 vs. +25) This truly makes all skills “better lucky then good”. Luck can still contribute double your training in my system to a massively successful check, but it’s no where near as drastic. Sometimes you just get lucky.

All prestige classes will require training in appropriate skills, see GM for details and approval.


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