A Cosmos United

Things might move forward?

I’m still working with my players. People are starting to have regular schdules again and we could see the game speed up again. Sorry, but for now it’s still a maybe and in the future.

A Long Pause
Yes the game will still go on

I’ve been talking to the players and making sure everyone is still onboard. We have a few that it is hard to get into town to play with schedules and such. We’ll be back up and running when I can get a time locked down.

In the mean time I’ve taken to adjusting some things on the map, so eventually I’ll have to upload the changes.

Our Adventure Begins
Our first quest

Our party of heroes, who have come to make their name and fortunes in the captial city, join the adventuring guild and are given a mission to see what has been taking place in the local town of Timbers. The townsfolk told them of their troubles: goblins have been raiding their settlements and attacking the town proper.

Our heroes go out to see what the disturbance is about and if possible, stop the attacks.

The team setup camp between the town and the near by mountains, the direction the attacks usually come from. As they held watch for a few days, they are finally rewarded and intercept some raiders just before they attack a settlement.

A little gnomish magic draws their eyes to some “gold” collected near by, and with that the trap is set and sprung. Four goblins, obviously used to little or no resistance from the townsfolk, find them selves face to face with our heroes. The following battle is quick and efficent. Two goblins are knocked unconsious, and the other two are dispatched shortly after.

Some baseline interigation in their goblin tounge reveals a better idea of the location for their home. Little else was obtained from their captive and they forced him to lead them onward to the cave.

our story leaves off here for now as the hour got late and our time was over. More goblins and party hijinks will be had later. Untill then!

Meeting everyone
Got to know who we're playing with!

Time to draw up characters!

It was very chaotic, because we were sharing one computer with digital copies of books and three physical 3.5 PHBs and only one 4th ed PHB. Lots of questions to be answered in the form of “what does my racial bonus give me since we’re not using the regulat skills?” Most of the other questions where how do skill requirements for prestige classes work? The answer for ALL of these questions were “See me!”. Most of the base classes and races, and even some of the special ones, have been covered by now in 4th ed, so I either made up or found an answer. Everything looks good so far! This should be an interesting group. Names and details to be filled out and updated later.

Updated 2013-09-13 for toon changes
A) we are going straight 3.5 now
b) people wanted different roles or classes once we got down to skills and points

Name – Halfling Ninja
Name – Squirling Rogue (Shadowdancer)
Name – Half-Orc Barbarian
Name – Elven Fighter (Arcane Archer)
Name – Gnome Sorcerer
Name – Human Fighter (Reaping Mauler)

possible guest stars:


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